EMPERORS OF SOUL.....celebrating 44 years of making music

What other group has had the ability to endure and survive the test of time....the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and now the 2000's? These pictures are of the many different line ups of Temptations over the years.

Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Elbridge Bryant, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, Richard Street, Louis Price, Damon Harris, Glenn Leonard, Rickey Owens, Ron Tyson, Ali-Ollie Woodson, Theo Peoples, Ray Davis, Harry McGilberry, Terry Weeks, Barrington Henderson, G.C. Cameron, and Joe Herndon.
Temptations Forever

The Temptations
Jones and Brown Productions, Inc.

Awesome CD
The Temptations at the Westwood premiere of 
Paramount's What Women Want December 14, 2000
Photo by Steve Granitz
Grand Victoria Casino Rising Sun, IN August 11, 2001
Harry, Terry, Ron, Otis, Bo
Harry, Ron, Otis, Bo, Terry
I'm Here video Bo, Terry, Otis, Ron, Harry
Temps on Soul Train Harry, Bo, Otis, Ron & Terry
The Tempts with platinum award for Phoenix Rising
Steve & Johnnie, from backstage at the Ravina(7/28/98)Bo, Steve, Ron, Otis, Johnnie, Terry, & Harry
Harry, Terry, Otis, Ron, & Bo Madison Square Garden, New York, October 1999 Receiving platinum award for Phoenix Rising
Harry, Bo, Otis,Tom Jones, Ron, & Terry
Terry, Bo, Otis, Ron, & Harry
Terry, Bo, Otis, Harry, Ron
Some Enchanted Evening
Ron, Ray, Otis, Ali, Theo
Ron, Otis, Ray, Ali, & Theo
Theo, Terry, Ron, Harry, Otis
Terry, Ron, Otis, Theo, Harry
Ron, Theo, Harry, Otis
Otis, Ali, Ron, and Theo at the Whitehouse with Hillary Clinton
Ron at the Whitehouse with President Bill Clinton
Billie Bullock,Harry, Theron, Theo, President Clinton, Otis, & Ron
Ali, Ron, Melvin, Richard, & Otis
Otis, Richard, Melvin, Ali, & Ron
Richard, Ali, Ron, Melvin, & Otis
Truly for You
Together Again
Ron, Richard, Melvin, Otis, & Ali, OLE MAN RIVER Gloucester Leisure Centre in England, October 22, 1992
To Be Continued LP Ali, Richard, Otis, Ron, & Melvin(front)
Ron, Ali, Melvin, Otis, Richard
Touch Me
Andrew Young singing My Girl with Ron and Richard
Soul to Soul
Eddie, Dennis, Paul, Melvin, & Otis(front)
Temps on Ed Sullivan, Melvin, Eddie, David, Otis, Paul
Paul, Otis, David, Melvin, Eddie
David, Melvin, Paul, Otis, Eddie
Paul, Otis, Eddie, Melvin, & David(front)
Eddie, Al, Melvin, Otis, Paul
Bo Ron Otis Terry & Harry with performer WT Greer


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